Driving Tips For Teens

Learning to control a four-wheeled mechanical beast is a big step for anyone and comes with more than just a few words of friendly advice. Anyone learning to drive must take a standard course on important things to know while driving, learn how to operate their personal vehicle, and know as many ways to prevent accidents as possible.

Driver’s Education usually covers the bases of traffic laws and how one should behave while on the road. It also prepares someone for the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program which takes a budding driver through the process of a learner’s permit to their license which is required in most states, though some have differing rules. But while the program teaches many points, there are some things that it cannot teach.


  • Know Your Vehicle

    Cars are all built differently, which means the driver must be taught either by a parent or the owner’s manual about the individual workings of that specific car. The most a driving instructor or an online course will be able to do is to explain what the basic functions of the car should do and look like on the dashboard of the car. A parent is the most reliable source of information since they have been driving longer and have more experience with that specific car.

  • Laws | Dangers | Courtesy

    Basic knowledge of vehicles, road laws, road courtesy, and possible dangers on the road are important to know for teens looking to earn their driver’s license. Driving may be a glorified coming-of-age ceremony, but it comes with its own set of dangers. Knowing basic information about road laws and ways to avoid accidents can make a big difference in preventing crashes. But the best way to gain confidence in driving is to practice constantly and safely.

  • When Accidents Happen

    No matter how well trained a driver is, accidents are bound to happen eventually. When this happens, it’s good to know that assistance is available to help you recover. A car accident attorney is someone who helps when there is an accident needing a local court’s attention. This is helpful information because while small fender benders are easy fixes, the more serious accidents with serious bodily injury may require more than a quick insurance settlement.